Jean-Pierre Jouannaud教授講演会

日時: 2005年4月26日(火) PM:5:15〜

場所: 慶應義塾大学 三田キャンパス 南校舎 411教室

Place: Keio University, Keio University, Mita-Campus (downtown Tokyo, 5 minutes walk from JR-Tamachi St or Subway-Mita St), Room 411 of the South building

講演者: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud (Laboratoire d'Infomatique, École Polytechnique)

タイトル: ``Higher-order rewriting with types and arities''


This work revisits Nipkow's approach to HOR, based on higher-order pattern matching, and generalises to rules of higher-order type. The main result here is decidability of confluence assuming termination.

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