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Last-modified: 2019-01-16 (Wed) 08:23:59 (1597d)

Japan Ontology Forum (JCOR: Japanese Centre for Ontology Research)

Japan Ontology Forum aims at bringing together ontology researchers in Japan from various fields, including philosophy, logic, AI, ontology-engineering, bio-informatics, medical science, biology, taxonomy, policy-management, e-commerce, semantic web, etc.

The idea of such an interdisciplinary forum was first conceived at the workshop on formal ontology organized by a group of philosophers, logicians, AI researchers and ontology engineers at the 34th Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Science Society, Japan in 2001, and has been materialized as a series of academic conferences.

In particular, the interdisciplinary Ontology Forum has been held annually (in the Japanese academic year) since 2004.

Ontology Forum Organizing Members

Keio University Members