Proof Theory and its Applicationsに関する合同セミナー

場所: 慶應義塾大学 三田キャンパス 東館 6F G-SEC Lab ホール (JR田町駅または都営地下鉄三田駅または赤羽橋駅(大江戸線)から徒歩5分)

日時: 2004年3月29日-30日

証明論及びCSへの応用に関する(Girard, Curienグループとの Types, Linear Logic, Ludicsなどを中心とする)日仏共同セミナーを開催いたします。 特別な専門知識を前提にしないで各研究グループの進行中の研究紹介を 行うことを目的としています。 又、竹内外史教授、佐藤雅彦教授、Per Martin-Löf教授、Phil Scott教授にも 特別レクチャーをお願いしています。参加は自由です。


Tentative Program

3月29日 (March 29, Monday)

9:30-12:00 Session I: Fundamental Questions of Logic  
  Mitsu Okada (Keio University): On Logical Principles  
  Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm University):  
  100 Years of Zermelo's Axiom of Choice: What was wrong with it ?  
  Masahiko Sato (Kyoto University): Variables and Expressions  
12:00-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-2:30 Lectures I: Fundamental Questions of Logic  
  Jean-Yves Girard (Marseille, IML): Quantum Coherent Space  
3:00-6:00 Session II: Logic and its Applications to CS  
  Pierre-Louis Curien (University of Paris 7, PPS): to be announced  
  Thomas Ehrhard (Marseille IML): Differential Structures of Linear Logic  
  Gaisi Takeuti (Illinois大学名誉教授): P/NP Problem and Proof Theory  

3月30日 (March 30, Tuesday)

9:30-10:30 Lecture II
  Jean-Yves Girard (Marseille, IML):
  Interpretation of Syllogisms; Geometry of Interaction IV (the Feedback Equation)
10:50-12:00 Session: Types, Linear Logic, Ludics and their Applications I
  Pierre Boudes (Marseille IML):
  Design-Strategies and Cliques (Ludics and Denotational Semantics)
  Kazushige Terui (National Institute of Informatics): Proof Nets and Boolean Circuits
12:00-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Session: Full Completeness
  Philip Scott (Ottawa University): A Categorical Model for the ``Geometry of Interactions I''
2:40-3:50 Session: Types, Linear Logic, Ludics and their Applications II
  Alexandre Miquel (University of Paris 7, PPS)
  N. Tamura-M. Banbara group (Kobe Univ.) and M. Okada-K. Hasebe group (Keio Univ.):
  Verification of Real-Time Systems and Linear Logic
4:00-5:00 Session: Types, Linear Logic, Ludics and their Applications III
  Masahiro Hamano (JAIST):
  Multiplicative and Additive Polarized Linear Logic and Hyper Coherences
  Jeff Polakow (Kobe University and CMU):
  Strong normalizability of intuitionistic ZF Set theory
  Implementing Resource Management For linear logic programming
5:00-5:30 Discussions

なお,seminar についてのお問い合わせは philosophy atへ御連絡下さい.

岡田 光弘 (慶應大)