Round-Table Symposium on
Proof Theory, Linear Logic and Program Semantics
March 26, 28, 2007

Mita Logic Seminarの企画でLinear Logicの進化及び関連するProof Theoryの発展とその哲学的側面や計算機科学的側面への応用に関する次のようなワークショップを開催します. 参加は自由です. Jean-Yves Girard教授の連続講義及びPierre-Louis Curien教授の基調講演も予定されています.

Room 311, Ground Floor, Building 3, Mita Campus, Keio University
(downtown Tokyo, 5 minutes walk from JR-Tamachi St or Subway-Mita St)

March 26 (Monday)
13:00 P.M. - 18:30 P.M.

Mitsu Okada (Keio University) ``Introductory Remarks on the Foundations of Logic''

Special lecture series I: Jean-Yves Girard (Marseille, IML) ``Subject and Object in Logic''

Samuel Tronçon (Laboratoire SFL, Paris VIII) ``Pragmatics and Ludics''

Coffee Break

Damiano Mazza (LIPN, Université Paris 13) ``Boehm Trees for Symmetric Interaction Combinators''

Michele Pagani (Università "Roma Tre") ``A Non-uniform Separation of Proof-nets''

Masahiro Hamano (Keio University) ``Frobenius Reciprocity and Denotational Semantics''

Discussion Session on The Foundations of Logic


March 28 (Wednessday)
13:00 P.M. - 18:30 P.M.

Special lecture series II: Jean-Yves Girard (Marseille, IML) ``Truth, Modality and Intersubjectivity''

Masahito Hasegawa (RIMS, Kyoto University) ``Recursion, Higher-Types, Exponentials and Geometry of Interaction: Traced Monoidal Closed Categories Revisited''

Emmanuel Beffara (LSV, ENS Cachan) ``Concurrent Realisability''

Coffee Break

Keynote Lecture: Pierre-Louis Curien (PPS, Université Paris 7) ``An Approach to Innocent Strategies as Graphs''

Claudia Faggian (PPS, Université Paris 7) ``Ludics, Strategies and Concurrency''

Ryo Takemura and Masahiro Hamano (Keio University) ``A Phase Semantics for Polarized Linear Logic and Second Order Conservation''

Gergely Bana (University of California-Davis) with Koji Hasebe (AIST) and Mitsu Okada (Keio University) ``Computational Semantics for Basic Protocol Logic''

Discussion Session on Proof Theory and Computer Science

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