10月26日 (木) 15時-18時 慶應義塾大学 三田キャンパス北館3階大会議室

Oct. 26th, Thurs., 15:00 at 3rd floor, North Building, Mita Campus, Keio University
2 Lectures
“The minimal self revisited” , “Revisiting Husserl’s transcendental idealism”

最新情報URL : http://abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp/seminar/DanZahavi.html


講師:Dan Zahavi教授
コペンハーゲン大学 主観性研究センター長・哲学科教授 Director of Subjectivity Research Cenrer and Professor of Department of Philosophy.

場所 Venue

慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス 北館3階大会議室 (北館は下記キャンパスマップの1 です)
3rd Floor (Meeting Room) , North Building, Mita Campus Keio Univ. (Number 1 of the Campus Map below)
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日時 Date & Time (Tentative) :10月26日 (木)

開催日 Date
10月26日(木) Oct. 26th, Thurs.
時間 Time

Talk 1. The minimal self revisited.

In my talk, I will first briefly outline the main ideas and motivations behind the introduction of a minimalist notion of self. I will contrast and compare it with the notion of a narrative self, and then consider a number of challenges and criticisms that the former notion has recently been subjected to. These criticisms all engage in various ways with what might be called the universality question. If it is the case that our experiences are accompanied by a minimal sense of self such that one might talk of the existence of an experiential self, is it then something that holds with necessity, such that it characterizes all experiences however.

Talk 2. Revisiting Husserl’s transcendental idealism

In my talk, which is based on my new book Husserl’s Legacy (OUP 2017), I will offer a new interpretation of Husserl's transcendental idealism. I will argue that Husserl is neither a phenomenalist, not a quietist when it comes to metaphysical issues, but that his transcendental idealism is rather to be seen as an anti-representationalist attempt to secure a form of natural realism. Furthermore, I will argue that Husserl's phenomenology is as much about the world as it is about consciousness, and that a proper grasp of Husserl's transcendental idealism will reveal the fundamental importance he ascribes to facticity and intersubjectivity.


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