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Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning

Project Meeting on Jan. 14th. The UNESCO World Logic Day: A France-Japan Collaborative Research Project Meeting on Philosophy of Logic


The purpose
The collaborative research project is launched between the two groups in France and Japan, funded by CNRS (France) and JSPS(Japan), and on this occasion of the UNESCO World Logic Day, the following project co-leaders give an introduction talk regarding the motivation, background and purpose of the starting project on philosophy of logic.
Title of talks
Introduction of the France-Japan project “Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning”
Speakers and Program of the Online-Meeting
French Time: 10:00-12:00, Japanese Time: 18:00-20:00, on Jan. 14th, 2021
10;00-11:00/18:00-19:00: Talks

Pierre Wagner

the representative of the French group of the Project, and the Director of IHPST(Institute of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology) and Professor of University of Paris-1.

Mitsuhiro Okada

the representative of the Japanese group of the Project, and the Founding Director of GRCLS (Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity) and Professor Emeritus of Keio University.

11:00-12:00/19:00-20:00 Discussion
The meeting is a closed meeting among the project participants mainly in French universities and Japanese universities, and the discussion results will be reported publically. If you are not a member but are interested in participating in the meeting, please write to the project office mail address; logic[at]abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp.
This philosophy of logic annual meeting series was started just after the sign-up of MOU between the President of the CNRS Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences and Keio University’s Vice President in 2013. Then, immediately after the renewal sign-up between the President of CNRS and Keio University’s Vice-President in 2019, our Frence-Japan group started to prepre This topic "Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning”. The purpose of our study is to understand “disagreement” from the vary basic logical and reasoning structure level, to find ways to help overwhelming and resolving various disagreements in communications appeaing in our ordinary life and our society.
Logic Section of Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity of Keio University & Mitsuhiro Okada-Koji Mineshima Laboratory of Department of Philosophy
Contact address: logic[at]abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp