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Aspects of Logic Study Jan.15, 2022

  • Part 1: Discussion with Jean-Yves Girard
  • Part 2: Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning
  • Part 3: Interdisciplinary Studies

An event organized as a series of "Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning" research

The interdisciplinary and interuniversity research group on "Disagreement in logic and Reasoning" presents Logic Sessions on the occasion of the World Logic Day 2022. (WLD was set by the UNESCO 2019 Conference with the proposal by CIPSH and DLMPST).

For the information about the past meeting (WLD 2021), see here.

Saturday, Jan. 15th, 2022, 13:00-15:50 JST
Part 1: Special Session: Discussing Some Fundamental Issues on Logic, Interview with Jean-Yves Girard
  • Interview with Jean-Yves Girard (Research Director Emeritus, CNRS)
  • A short remark on the relationship between logic and computer science: Gilles Dowek (INRIA & ENS Paris-Saclay)

Part 2: Disagreement in Logic and Reasoning
  • Introduction: Koji Mineshima (Keio University), Mitsuhiro Okada (Keio University), and Kengo Okamoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • A message from Professor Pierre Wagner (Director of IHPST & Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
  • On Gentzen's Consistency Proofs: A Case of Disagreement between Intuitionism and Formalism: Yuta Takahashi (Ochanomizu University)
  • Disagreement in Counterfactuals: Yuichiro Hosokawa (Gunma Prefectural Women's University)
  • Revisiting the Systematicity Argument through Analyzing Neural Models on Monotonicity Inference: Hitomi Yanaka (The University of Tokyo)
The project was announced/launched on the WLD 2021 as an international, interdisciplinary and interuniversity project. We have some guest talks and project reports on this Session.
  • Introduction to the Keio-Waseda Research Group: Kentaro Ozeki (Keio University), Ryo Ito (Waseda University)
  • Introduction to the Tokyo Metropolitan University Research Group: Keiko Arai, Ryosuke Igarashi, Onyu Mikami, Momo Sasamoto, Kentaro Tsunoda, Sakiko Yamasaki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
14:35-14:45 Short Break

Part 3: Interdisciplinary Approaches in Logic
  • Studies of Inference of Macaques: A Neuro-Scientific Approach: Mineki Oguchi and Masamichi Sakagami (Tamagawa University)
  • Negation, Images, and Symbol Grounding: Yuri Sato (The University of Tokyo)
  • Higher Education and Logic (*): Yuko Murakami (Rikkyo University) (* The talk will be given in Japanese)
15:30-15:50 Discussion
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Host, Contact, Organizers
Host Organization: Global Research Center for Logic and Sensitivity of Keio University
Contact address: logic[at]abelard.flet.keio.ac.jp
Organizer & Coordinator Team:
  • Ryosuke Igarashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Koji Mineshima (Keio University)
  • Mitsuhiro Okada (*)(**) (Keio University)
  • Kengo Okamoto (*) (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
    • (*) Co-chairs
    • (**) Okada also serves as a member of the IUHPST committee (bunkakai) of SCJ