Last Update: 2014/04/17
2014 Correspondence Course Summer Schooling Text (PDF)


2014/2/26-27: "Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic" Meeting

2014/1/18-19: Wittgenstein Meeting

Past Events:

2013/10/25: Philosophy of Logic Meeting

2013/10/5: International Workshop "Philosophy of Logic and Speech Act Theory"

2013/03/19: Eye-Tracker Workshop (with Atsushi Shimojima)

2013/02/26-27: Decision-Making, Logic and Cognition

2012/10/20-21: Franco-Japanese workshop on Logic,Language,and computation in a multi-cultural perspective

2012/02/23-24 : 5th Interdisciplinary Ontology Conference (InterOntology 2012)

2012/02/25 : Logical-Mathematical Proofs and Cognition: Their Dynamics

2011/02/24-25: Ontology and Analytic Metaphysics Meeting

2011/02/26: Proof Theory and Philosophy

2010/02/18: Neurocognitive Science and Religion Meeting (with Henk Barendregt)

2011/02/10-11: Philosophy of Mathematics Symposium

2010/02/27-28 : 3rd Interdisciplinary Ontology Conference (InterOntology10 Tokyo)

2009/04/10 : John Mitchell and Anupam Datta talks

2009/02/27-03/01 : 2nd Interdisciplinary Ontology Conference (InterOntology09 Tokyo)

2008/12/05-06 : The 4th Franco-Japanese "Computer Security" Workshop

2008/07/04-05 : French-Japanese Philosophy Tokyo Meeting "Ontology and Phenomenology"

2008/02/26-27 : Interdisciplinary Ontology Conference (InterOntology08 Tokyo)

2007/03/26,28 : Round-Table Symposium on Proof Theory, Linear Logic and Program Semantics

The 2nd Franco-Japanese Computer Security Workshop, Tokyo Dec 4-5, 2006

Asian Computing Science Conference (Asian 06) Dec 6-8, 2006

Research Theme

We are studying logical reasoning by employing various mehtodologies of modern logic, information science, cognitive science, and linguistics. More specifically, we have been trying to understand the basic structure of logical reasoning and the situation-dependent structure of logical judgement.

Current Members:

Okada Lab, Recent Graduates:

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